Paper Machine

Naini is proud to have latest technology in paper manufacturing process in both the plants. The two machines are capable of producing international quality of writing-printing paper with the help of the following equipment:

a) Approach Flow

NPL (PM#1) has GL&V-make cleaners and Andritz-make pressure screens to give clean pulp stock on the paper machine. NTL (PM#2) has Noss-make cleaners and pressure screens.

b) b) Head Box

Head box is one of the most critical equipment of a paper machine and is responsible for good formation and profile of paper. NPL (PM#1) has state-of-the-art hydraulic head box, Module Jet by Voith, Germany. It is also equipped with automatic dilution profiling for accurate GSM and moisture profile. The head box in NTL (PM#2) is air-pressurized supplied by Valmet, Finland. It is also equipped with automatic slice control for accurate profile.

c) Top Former

NTL (PM#2) is equipped with Voith make “Duo Former” that helps in improvement in formation and uniform ash distribution in the sheet of paper. The “two sidedness” of the paper is also improved with top former.

d) Shaking Device

NPL (PM#1) has a wire shaking device, Duoshake from Voith Germany to give better formation, MD/CD ratio of breaking length and uniform ash distribution.

e) Shoe Press

Naini is proud to be the pioneer in installing a shoe press in an agro-based writing-printing paper mill in the country. NTL(PM#2) has a shoe press supplied by PMT Italia and NPL(PM#1) has shoe press from Gapcon, Germnay. The major advantages of a shoe press are better sheet stability on the machine, higher bulk, and uniform moisture profile out of the press section. The steam consumption in dryers also goes down with a shoe press.

f) Film Size Press

Film size press is very critical for modern day machines from the point of view of good printing qualities and dimensional stability. Both the sides of paper are coated with enzymatic starch prepared in the state-of-the-art size kitchen supplied by BVG, Germany. The Film size press in NPL (PM#1) is supplied by Gapcon, Germany and the one in NTL (PM#2) is supplied by PMT Italia.

g) Calendar

NTL (PM#2) has a hot-hard-nip calendar supplied by Voith, Germany and NPL (PM#1) has hard-nip calendar from Gapcon, Germany.