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The senior management at NAINI guides thousands of employees to provide innovative paper solutions to clients all over the world. The board of directors and technical directors have together conferred executive powers to our highly experienced senior management team. The responsibility of managing the day-to-day activities of our company lies on the capable shoulders of these members.

Our management team at NAINI Group boasts of an unmatched history of success in providing quality paper products to meet various types of industrial as well as individual needs. These leaders at the highest rung of organizational management bring with them expertise in diverse areas of business. The seniors in our top management team are as follows:

(Chairman & Managing Director)

Mr. Pramod Kumar Agarwal

Mr. Agarwal is a distinguished industrialist and a visionary with an incredible ability to initiate and develop businesses. Mr. Agarwal believes in high ethical and moral values in all spheres of life, including business. His progressive and positive attitude has taken the group to new heights.

Being a science graduate he has blended his knowledge of science well with his financial acumen in all his ventures. Mr. Pramod Kumar Agarwal adheres by the adage, “Don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

Mr. Pawan Agarwal

Mr. Agarwal is a man of vision and passion whose role is instrumental in venturing the group into its paper manufacturing business in 1995. It was his efforts, techno-commercial vision and technical prowess that made NPL was successful in launching first agro-based “Absorbent Kraft” paper in the country. He was instrumental in achieving high standards of quality in group’s latest venture, Naini Tissues Limited (NTL).

Due to his commitment and penchant for quality, the products of Naini Group command a respectable position in the minds of consumers. His leadership quality is reflected in his attitude and actions. He believes in the overall growth and development of all the stakeholders on a sustained basis, keeping environment sustenance goals in mind. Mr Agarwal completed his B Tech in Electrical engineering from I.E.T Lucknow and pursued his Executive MBA from the reputed Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi.

Mr. Pawan Agarwal (Managing Director)
Mr. Sumod Kumar Agarwal

Mr. Sumod Kumar Agarwal

He plays an active role in the general administration and financial administration in the factory premises of both the Group companies.

Mr. Amod Kumar Agarwal

He is the guiding force for the agri-business division of the Group. He guides the raw material purchase team of both the companies.

Mr. Amod Kumar Agarwal
Mr. Naveen Agarwal

Mr. Naveen Agarwal

He is efficiently steering the finance and accounts department of the Group companies.

Mr. Rahul Agarwal

He is responsible for raw material and fuel handling in the factory premises.

Mr. Rahul Agarwal
Mr. Mayank Agarwal

Mr. Mayank Agarwal

He looks after the purchase and stores department of the Group companies.

Mr. Gaurav Agarwal

He is responsible for the general administration in the factory premises.

Mr. Gaurav Agarwal (Director)
Mr. M. P. Panwar (Director Technical)

Mr. …..

Mr. S. R. Singh

Mr. S. R. Singh (Company Secretary)
Mrs. Prachi Agarwal (Executive Director-HR)

Mrs Prachi Agarwal

Mrs Agarwal, a Post Graduate in Philosophy from the University of Delhi (Lady Shri Ram College), has been looking after the HR Department of the Naini Group since 2014. She is responsible for various initiatives and drives to improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce across all levels within the organization. Her efforts have resulted in creation of a “positive work culture” in Naini Group where everyone is forthcoming in contributing towards the achievement of organizational goals by adhering to its core values.