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Group Overview

From modest origin, Naini Group of Industries has evolved over the years by embracing technology in the art of making paper. It has grown through calculated steps taken by the management and infusion of fresh guidance by a robust team lead by its Chairman,Pramod Kumar Agarwal and Managing Director PawanAgarwal. The group’s brand positioning, ‘Ethically firm. Environmentally strong’ resonates the business culture of the organization.

Naini Group has two companies: Naini Tissues Ltd. andNaini Papers Ltd.

The group began its first paper manufacturing facility Naini Papers Limited in 1995 and then extended its wings by starting its flagship companyNaini Tissues Limited in 2002. Since inception, the group has been offering top quality paper products by keeping abreast with technological advancements and market needs.

Naini Tissues Ltd.

Naini Tissues Limited is the flagship company of the group and was incorporated in 2002. The plant today produces 150 TPD writing & printing paper from agricultural residue, mainly bagasse and wheat straw.

NTL manufactures writing and printing paper under brand names “Premium” and “Classic” in the GSM range of 54-110. The trimmed machine deckle is 2800 mm.

The company has integrated paper plant with agro-based pulp mill. The pulp mill is equipped with modern wet washing system, continuous digester, oxygen delignification plant and multi-stage bleach plant. The paper machine is equipped with pressurized head box from valmetsQCS form Metso; shoe press and film size press from PMT, Italia; Top Former & Calendar from Voith; Synchro Sheet Cutter from Pasaban and starch kitchen from BVG.

Naini Tissues Ltd.
Naini Papers Ltd.

Naini Papers Ltd.

Naini Papers Limited, which was started in 1995, is the parent company of the group and is the harbinger of all the business feet the group has achieved later in its journey.

The Company produces high bright writing and printingpaper with the brand names “Imperial” in the GSM Range 54-110 and “Magestic” (SS) in the GSM range 60-110 . The machine deckle is 2925 mm.

The plant is equipped with modern wet washing system, continuous digester, Oxygen De-lignification plant and multi-stage bleaching. The paper machine is equipped with hydraulic head box with dilution profile control from Voith; Bi-nip with shoe press and Film Size Press from Gapcon; starch kitchen from BVG and QCS from Metso.