CSR Projects


At “NAINI” we are committed to operate and grow our business in a socially responsible way. In everything we do there is a strong commitment to wider, all-round social progress, as well as to a sustainable development that balances the needs of the present with those of the future. Our vision is to grow our business whilst reducing the environmental impact of our operations and increasing our positive social impact towards improving quality of life of the communities around.


  • Promoting Education & Sanitation:

In line with the “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan” and “Swachha Bharat Campaign” of the Government of India, we have initiated a CSR Project “Promoting Education by Creating Sanitation & Drinking Water Facility at Government Schools” under which we are making our sincere efforts to provide a better overall educational environment to approx 1500 underprivileged school children who are pursuing their educational dreams in Government schools at Kashipur & Jaspur Tehsils of Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand. Initially, we have adopted total six (06) government primary and higher primary schools in the first phase. We are committed to provide following types of facilities to modernize these schools with an allocated budget of approx INR 33 Lacs;

  • Construction of separate Toilet Blocks for Boys & Girls.
    • Construction and Repair of overall existing infrastructure i.e. school buildings, boundary walls, class rooms, floors, kitchens, play grounds and electrical fittings.
    • Complete white wash of the school building as well as painting of all doors & windows.
    • Installation of submersibles under 200 feet of ground for un-interrupted supply of good quality drinking water within the school premise.
    • Separate Drinking Water & Hand Wash Stations, a place within the school itself where students can drink water and clean their hands before and after having their Mid-day-meal.
    • Distribution of Fans, School Kits, Dental Kits and Utensils for mid-day-meal.
    • Construction of Mid-Day-Meal area covered by Tin-shed along with development & maintenance of green area.

Our efforts are not limited to just creation of above facilities but also to ensure their maintenance and sustainability under this program.

A provision to provide Hygiene training to the Students and school Teachers is also there under this program which will be provided by the member doctors of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), Kashipur.

  • Some photographs of ongoing civil construction and repair work under this project;

 Environment Protection:

In efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our overall business operations, Naini Group companies are encouraged to support and join environmental conservation activities, which are designed in line with the Naini Group Environmental Policy. In past we have been engaged in various environment protection activities such as plantation of trees, water well recharge and ground water recharge etc.

A project of rain water harvesting in Gauba Khas Village in Ramnagar has also been completed successfully under our CSR programs. Under this Gabion Plugs was constructed in a channel to reduce speed of water flow which promotes soil moisture and provides more time to get absorb more water by it and thus ground water can be recharged in a more positive way.

  • Some Photographs are as under;

 After completion of work (before rain).

  • During & after rainy season:


Concept Note on providing Financial Assistance to       Girls Students from economically weak society

As a corporate citizen, NAINI Group is committed to ensure the social upliftment of the communities in which it operates through Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives. CSR Policy of the Group Companies lays down the guidelines and mechanism for undertaking socially useful programmes for welfare and sustainable development of community at large.

Background: At NAINI we observed that the region has an increased dropout ratio in senior education and especially in case of girl students due to poor socio-economic format and general economic condition. A study revealed that 70% of the girls drop out from the school after higher primary education (i.e. Grade VIII), either due to lack of encouragement from parents or high education costs. They are also forced to marry at an early age, if they cannot afford to study. We stress and thrust to reduce drop out ratio in line with efforts. We will carry out such social responsibility and motivate the girl students with scholarship.

Geographical Coverage: Members of CSR Committee of NPL will select the eligible candidates from any school situated locally at Kashipur and nearby areas.

Nature of Assistance: This assistance will be especially focused for the girl students of 9th to 12th standard of economically weak family class, we will encourage them to complete their upper education through offering scholarships for them under our CSR activities. A student who will get selected under this program will be supported to complete her education upto class 12th subject to her periodical academic performance.

 Selection Criteria & Procedure: CSR Committee of the NPL has framed some parameters which shall be adhered while selecting a student under this program. The CSR committee of NPL will follow the following procedure before finalizing the selection of any student:

  • The basic criterion for selection of any student under this program was decided that the student must have a bright and sound educational track record and comes from a financially weak family which require financial aid to pursue her studies further.
  • The selection procedure will be initiated by the committee only once a written request is received from the Management/Principal of a school for want of financial aid in respect of any Girl Student(s) from economically weak class.
  • After receiving directions from the CSR Committee of the Company the representatives of the CSR team will visit the school to collect all the require details in respect of such recommended student(s) from the management of the school.
  • Representatives of the company will interact face to face with each recommended student to check her knowledge level and to explore other hobby(ies), if any. The representative will have to collect and fill all the desired information in the “Form” specially designed & compiled for the purpose to keep her details on record. On the basis of critical evaluation of these duly filed Forms, the CSR Committee will shortlist the students for their final selection.
  • Financial background of the family of short-listed students will be carefully cross checked by the CSR team from the government records available with such families to ensure about genuineness of the case.
  • A formal meeting with the parents of these students will be organized to explore about their perspective towards further studies of their daughters. The team will also meet the class teachers of the particular student to check current progress of her studies.
  • CSR team will submit its final report about each short-listed candidate before the CSR Committee and then after careful examination of each case the CSR Committee of the Company, if satisfied, will finally select two/three student from a school on the basis of their merit.

Mode of Assistance: The financial assistance shall be extended for selected eligible students only and will be paid only through a/c payee cheque directly to their school towards their due school fee.

Procedure for fee: The school will raise monthly fee bill in the name of the student and send with a letter to Naini’s coordinator for this CSR project. The fee will be deposited by Naini to the school directly through a/c payee cheque only. The school will provide a receipt of the fee to Naini on behalf of the beneficiary student.


Periodical Review: The CSR Committee will do periodical performance review of the each selected student. It will seek progress report of each of the selected student from the school management from time to time. On the basis of periodical review of the each case the Committee will decide whether to continue the financial assistance to the particular student further or not. If a student not performs as per expectations, the Committee shall have the right to terminate the selection of such student, which shall be conclusive and binding in nature to all the concerned.