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Corporate Social Responsibility (Overview)

Every business enterprise must take responsibility and be accountable for the social and environmental effects it has in its surroundings. Through this the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) emerged, paving a way for businesses to return back to the society from the profits it earns. Such initiatives on the part of a company to improve livelihood of people and preserving environment at surroundings of its operations also go a long way in gathering acceptance from local communities.

Engagement of local communities is essential for long-term sustainability for any organisation. This also ensures enhancement of triple bottom line of People-Planet-Profit, depicting the inclusive growth for an organisation. CSR is the way to move forward for all organisations and become good corporate citizens by preserving the environment and bettering lives of all stakeholders.

NAINI is committed to operate and grow its business in a socially responsible way. In everything we do there is a strong commitment to wider, all-round social progress, as well as to a sustainable development that balances the needs of the present with those of the future. Our vision is to grow our business whilst reducing the environmental impact of our operations and increasing our positive social impact.

This policy outlines our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda. Our CSR policy contributes to activities listed in the Schedule VII of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. We have three main goals under our CSR initiatives namely help more and more people around us to do efforts to improve their life in terms of education, sanitization and wellbeing, to continuously reduce the environmental footprint of our products and to enhance the livelihoods of people as we grow our business. Additionally, considering India as a water scarce region and the water availability is expected to go down further, NAINI has identified water as a key area of intervention. We will focus in this area by creating capacities in conserving water through significant investments in partnership with relevant stakeholders with the objective of water conservation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Principles:

NAINI’s CSR Policy is supported by the following principles:

  • We are committed to conducting our operations with integrity and respect, in the interest of our stakeholders, and in line with our Code of Business Principles.
  • 2. We believe growth and environmental sustainability need not be conflicting. Our business model is designed to deliver sustainable growth. The inputs to the model are our people and our operations. The outputs to the model are sustained growth, lower environmental impact and positive social impact.
  • 3. We collaborate and engage with different stakeholders including Governments, NGOs, Suppliers, Farmers, and Distributors to tackle the challenges faced by the society.
  • In accordance with Section 135(5) of the Companies Act, 2013 (the Act), NTL and NPL both are independently committed to spend at least 2% of their average net profits made during the three immediately preceding financial years in some of the identified activities that are listed in Schedule VII (as amended) to the Act. This will include the spend through activities undertaken directly and/or indirectly through collaboration, partnering etc.The Company may take up other CSR activities as may be appropriate.

Governance mechanism:

We follow structured governance procedures to monitor CSR activities. Our CSR Policy is governed by the Board of Directors of the Company. The Board has constituted a CSR Committee comprising of an Independent Chair to monitor the Policy and the programmes from time to time.

The activities described in Annexure A appended hereto are covered under Schedule VII (as amended) of the Act that lists down permitted activities that constitute such activities. These activities undertaken by the Company are not expected to lead to any additional surplus beyond what would accrue to the Company in the course of normal operations.

The Policy issued pursuant to the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Rules, 2013 has been recommended by the CSR Committee of the Board and adopted by the Board of Directors. It can be downloaded from our corporate website – www.nainigroup.com.

CSR Policies

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